Monday, 10 September 2012

Back to School

Dear 4 Joy,

Hope you enjoyed today's lesson on Natural Disasters and have a better idea of the disaster you researched on. Tom you will be presenting your work to your friends and you will know even more about the different types of disasters.

Tom I will still be on course and hence will not be seeing you. Please cooperate with Miss Chong and enjoy your lesson. Do not give her a hard time and make too much noise.

When I come back on Wednesday, the rest of you will be presenting on your barn and also I will be grading your barn, so I hope everything is ready.

I miss all of you :) Hopefully you miss me too

Ms Uma

Thursday, 23 August 2012

After Exam Programme

Dear pupils,

You're almost done with exams. Just 1 more paper and you are done. So please use the weekend to look through your science file especially for open ended questions. Look at how the question are marked.

When you return back, there are many things that we need to settle.

27th Aug (Mon)
- Lean, Jamie, Adrian and Janice will be presenting their Sony toys to the P3s and as well as to the science teachers.
- I will be returning your Eng and Maths paper and we will go through corrections.

28th Aug (Tues)
- I will complete going through Maths paper and science. We will do item analysis. I will be collecting all files. Please ensure that you bring them to school on Tues with everything filed properly.
- I will go through with you on how you will present your barn

Certain pupils from these groups will have to stay back and complete their slides and barn (will be confirmed)

  • Erin's Group- Erin needs to do the slide on Cocker spaniel
  • Hasif's group
  • There are a few other groups that have not completed your slides too.
  •  There are a few groups whose barns ave not been completed yet. these groups need to put in alot more effort on your work

29th Aug (Wed)
- Trial of presenting barn. Making changes to the barn and slides if necessary
- Practice barn presentation

30th Aug (Thurs)
- Barn presentation (assessment)

Ms Uma

Monday, 20 August 2012

National Day Celebration

Dear children,

This is coming in very late, I am sorry. Have been really busy.

I believe all of you enjoyed the celebration immensely. It was indeed a day of fun, joy and laughter! Amidst a sea of red and waving flags, I saw national pride and love for Singapore written on your faces when you sang the National Day songs with such great enthusiasm 

A big thank you to those who volunteered to help Mr Aameer with leading the dance. Shahiran also blew the audience away with the stunning Jazz Band performance. I was indeed very happy to see most of you shouting out Shahiran's name before the performance to cheer him on. 

Thank you for making my National Day this year especially meaningful and enjoyable. 
Here are some photos and videos which were taken on that day.  

 Awesome photo of Nabil with the blurred background
4 musketeers 

 What you pointing at Eliza?

 Singing their hearts out...

 In a heartbeat...

Love At First Light... Love this video, but it's upside down sadly. I have not figured how to rotate videos :(

Thursday, 16 August 2012


Dear pupils of 4 Joy,
I know many of you are upset that the decorations outside our classroom got vandalised the past 2 days.

However, I would like to stress again that none of us saw the culprit and hence I do not want you to be accusing pupils from the other classes or asking them if they did it. Leave it as it is.
Mr Prem will look into the issue and let's just hope it does not happen again.

Enjoy your long break but do remember to do your Maths heuristics ws and elearning activities. PLease also revise your work as exams are starting next week.

Ms uma

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Supplementary class

Dear 4 Joy pupils..Please let your parents know that the extra lesson is on 21/08/12 and not 21/09/02.

Dear Parent,
This is to inform you that I will be conducting extra Maths supplementary class on 21/09/12 from 2pm – 3.30pm. Please ensure that your child attends the class. Thank you.

Ms Uma

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Barn cellar and garage

Here is a very nice and clear picture of the barn cellar which I got from Ms Lee. Take note of how the opening for the first level and the second level is different so that the animals can come out of the cellar. With your creativity, this shouldn't be very difficult to make.

We'll continue working on the barn on Mon :)

Friday, 3 August 2012

  1. Maths AB review 1
  2. Complete decimals ws
  3. Practice readers theatre 
  4. Complete barn cellar at home (to be painted at home)
Dear pupils by tues I would expect ur barns almost complete. Cellars and animals should be in plAce. So get all the necessary items ready to complete ur barn next week

Thursday, 2 August 2012


1) Maths WB problem sums
2) Maths Stack up model ws (2 problem sums)
3) Maths WB corrections
4) Practice readers theatre

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Information for you

Dear 4 joy pupils,

Tom I will be needing some of you to stay back to complete your ppt slides.

Those groups who want to stay back to work on ur barns can do so too. Pls note that this is not compulsory and let your parents know if you will be staying back. Please bring all the necessary items that you will be needing. Please note that you have only 4 more school days to work on your barn as there are other things that we need to do as well.
So, stop delaying and work fast. You may want to call up your group members and inform them that they can stay back Tom but rem this is not compulsory.

Ms uma

Monday, 30 July 2012


  1. Maths WB corrections
  2. Study for CHP test
  3. Bring necessary items for your barn, white glue, newspapers, palette, brushes, small container and dry cloth or rag, home t-shirt/apron (if you need to paint), boxes, styrofoam board, animals and everything else that you need.